• "I have participated in Jerry Coyle's Workshop in Prishtina in the Skena up Festival, I was hesitating to participate because I didn't have so much time, but I said to myself I'll go for only one day and not the whole workshop. So I arrived in the workshop, didn't know what to expect at all. We started doing some warm ups and then Jerry gave us some scenes and we started acting in front of the camera. After a couple of hours I caught myself totally concentrated on Jerry's indications, and very concrete suggestions. I started taking notes and wished that the day wouldn't end. It was wonderful seeing him get the truth and sincerity in the acting. We worked 8 hours a day, and Jerry was always very enthusiastic and never tired, he really inspired me with his commitment and passion for acting. When the day finished, Jerry said goodbye to me and that he was happy that I came for that day, and then I said to him "but no no don't say goodbye, I'm coming tomorrow, I will be here for the whole workshop", actually I wanted to tell him that I wouldn't miss it for anything, because it was so good and helpful. So when I went home I called all the people that I had meetings with in the next day's and I cancelled them until after the workshop. So I slept that night and couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and go to Jerry's workshop. That's such a wonderful feeling to have."
  • "Seit 1998 arbeitete Jerry Coyle regelmäßig als Gastdozent in unserer früheren Institution Camera-Acting-Centrum und, seit diese im Januar 2004 in die Film Acting School Cologne umgewandelt wurde, führt er seine Workshops ebenfalls hier fort. Durch seine mitreißende Art gelingt es ihm wieder, Schauspieler aus ihrer Frustration herauszureißen und sie zu ermutigen, sich in ihrem Beruf zu behaupten. Jerry Coyle ist stets am einzelnen Schauspieler interessiert, findet seine Stärken heraus, ohne die Schwächen zu vernachlässigen und motiviert auf diese Weise zu eigenständigem Reflektieren. Dadurch wird das oftmals verschüttete Potential freigesetzt und es kann neue Energie fließen. Seine bemerkenswert effiziente und motivierende Art des Unterrichtes, seine Kompetenz und sein Humor machen ihn zu einem brillanten Dozenten, den wir immer wieder gerne einladen, damit unsere Studenten durch seine Workshops Fortschritte machen. Neben seinem Unterricht innerhalb der 18monatigen Ausbildungszeit lassen wir ihn möglichst gegen Ende einen weiteren Workshop halten, um den Schauspielern noch einmal einen Schub mitzugeben. Wir empfehlen Jerry Coyle wärmstens als Dozenten und Schauspieltrainer."
  • "Jerry Coyle's style of working meets in a congenial way the philosophy of Filmschule Vienna. Lots of students had frequent opportunities to gain enormously from his tailor made workshops focusing on interaction in the areas Acting-Directing-Script. That is why Jerry Coyle's work will carry on being a fixed part within the education program of Filmschule Vienna. A further fascinating point is his knowledge of human nature. Even in a year's cycle (and numerous other opportunities he put in a fleeting appearance) he is instantly close to any student and able to assess exactly their development from their last seminar to now. This creates a basis of confidence which is of vital importance especially in the field of artistic education. On top of that Jerry Coyle is one of the pleasant exceptions in U.S. workshop tourism. He is interested, able to develop and inventive – and efficient. So it was easy for him to adapt to the specific conditions of Filmschule Vienna. He immediately took up the philosophy, “we are teaching the students behind and in front of the camera – together!” and adjusted his teaching concept to that effect. This kind of flexibility makes him unique as American guest teacher in German- speaking areas."

Student quotes

“During this course, we had been learning in a thrilling and never boring way. People were captured and swallowed by atmospheres and emotions created by the director. Jerry, though is no longer a teenager, it's a natural source of renewable energy! It was a pleasure learning tips coming from his experience. I recommend this course to those who are curious to learn in an original way the basics of acting improvvisation and how to deal with actors in their relationship with the Camera.”

- Gabrielle Buffa

"Jerry’s workshop is the best class that I’ve got in Prague. He let us know how to communicate with actors, and also use lots of special ways to lead actors show the right emotion, which is really helpful for directing a film. Anything about acting and directing, Jerry is always the best."

- Huang, Hsin-Yi, FAMU APP Directing

"Jerry's workshop can only be described as one of a kind. Full of tension, learning and laughter. Can’t wait to attend the next one!”

- Prakruti Kale

"Jerry has the ability to open up even the most stubborn students during his workshops. He encouraged us to get outside our comfort zone, in order to better understand the actor's emotional experience while working on set. Also, three days with Jerry is simply a lot of fun.”

- Zophia Jaworowska

"It’s Jerry Coyle's that I found one of the most helpful and useful workshops this year in FAMU. With great patience, laughter, friendliness, willingness to help and excellent practical exercises, taught what Directing Actors should be really about. We’ll miss you Jerry!"

- Sara Novak


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